Fishers of Men

My first vinyl project is complete. The five hooks are functional (not just for decor). They start and end at 2 1/2″ and are spaced at 7 1/2″ apart. the other two hooks/line are decor purposes only. The sign is 35 1/2″ long and 5 1/2″ wide. The board is blue/gray glaze and the writing is in dark brown. Customized orders are also available to match your color scheme. $30 (I need to add . . . . the five hooks are being sanded down and I will either add miniature corks to the ends or bobbers . . . . depending on how well the hooks sand down.)

Table of Affirmation

A friend gave me this end table several months ago. It took three different tries to strip away the material on the top and sides. The top was split so I had planned on using tile on it because it just looked bad BUT, once I was able to get the gap glued/set/even/sanded the wood looked too pretty to cover.I love when old furniture has layers. I started off with a white primer. Then used a black flat paint because I was going to use a black satin on the bottom and use a black and white tile on top, but once I decided to salvage the top I painted the black white again to prep it for the grey. I distressed this piece heavily because it is an older solid wood piece. I love how the layers of coloring show through, sorta like our life. Each layer (or how we respond to something) is in part of a layer from our past. It’s our history. Because of that, and since the wood on top was so pretty, I decided to use words of life and encouragement on the top of the table as a reminder of love, peace, happiness, laughter, family . . . I really like how it turned out. Once this sets for another 24 to 48 hours I will seal it with a satin polyurethane coating. This piece is for sale.


I have not conquered the fancy crosses yet. I struggle with the bling on the cross and just don’t have an eye for it . . . yet. While I LOVE what the cross represents (that Jesus died for my sins)  I am quite certain the cross Jesus died on was not pretty. (Don’t you wish you could take the tomb though and embrace the magnitude and brilliance of an empty tomb??!! Agh! Now THAT deserves some bling!

Each cross is different, even if I made five of the same styles, they would be different. There are no two boards alike. No burlap cut alike. No twine alike. We are all made different for our own purposes. I don’t make items in a factory, they are made from an imperfect person, simply sharing her passion . . . her hope.



Fun With Wreaths

I have enjoyed re-purposing furniture and building from pallets, but my neighbor introduced me to wreath making! While this will not be my priority, it is nice to know I can make something pretty like this. The first set of pictures are for Easter/Spring. The second two picture are the burlap wreath that is on my door. While I LOVE the colors of the Easter wreath, the like the simplicity and practical aspects of the burlap. I can interchange decor on the burlap wreath and never change the wreath. After St. Patrick’s Day, Easter/Spring colors will be added to the burlap. I will update this post for each seasonal change with the wreath.



Re-purposed Dresser

This dresser was my Granny’s. But I needed an entertainment center. At the time I only had a hand-saw and a hammer. I would have done a lot of things differently if I had other tools, but this still works and turned out better than I had hoped for. I also saved the drawers to re-purpose for other things around the house.


Made With Purpose

The name Before & After represents much in our society; however, for me, it reaches deeper than mere words.

With every piece of furniture that is re-purposed, there is a before (the piece’s original use) and then there is an after (the pieces’ new use). I can’t take away the fact that a now entertainment center was originally a dresser, no more than I can take away that I was once a drunk, but, just as that dresser has new purpose as a lovely entertainment center, I too, after accepting Christ as my savior, have a new purpose. There is a before and after in the life of the dresser, just like there is for my life. Each piece I redo or even the ones built from scrap wood that is often thrown by the wayside have flaws. There will never be a two alike because no piece of wood is exactly the same. Each piece will have chips of wood missing, dings, scratches. Those stay because of the character it adds to the furniture. The same can be said as the chips missing (brain cells lol), dings, scratches that are deeply imbedded in me from the before. Those experiences made me who I am, that will never be taken away, but fortunately, just as God has given me the gift of restoring and remaking furniture, He has given me the gift of restoring and remaking me in to a better person because of Jesus. The scripture the Lord gave me to base this hobby on is 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

I don’t know what God has planned for this page, but I will share pictures of my hobby along the way, as well as the story behind each piece. Many items are available for purchase. As I continue to update this post I will also add a method of payment in case you are interested in making a purchase. If you see something you like or have a different idea, just let me know. Almost everything can be customized.

Thanks for visiting the page!